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Install Fail2Ban On Ubuntu

Fail2Ban is intrusion prevention software that helps protect servers from brute-force attacks. If the software notices repeated attempts from a potential attacker to access the server via suspicious means, it automatically blocks requests from the attacker’s IP address for a given period of time.

Install Fail2Ban

SSH into your web server:

ssh -i ~/.ssh/supernifty supernifty@ RETURN

Update the package information for the software already installed on the server:

sudo apt update RETURN

Install the Fail2Ban software and automatically fire it up:

sudo apt install fail2ban RETURN

Confirm Fail2Ban is running:

sudo systemctl status fail2ban RETURN

To configure Fail2Ban, first make a local copy of the config file so that if the server software gets updated, you won’t lose your config settings:

sudo cp /etc/fail2ban/jail.{conf,local} RETURN

Then open the config settings with the nano text editor:

sudo nano /etc/fail2ban/jail.local RETURN

Scroll WAAAY down and update the default bantime from 10m (10 minutes) to whatever you prefer, eg: 1d (1day):

bantime = 1d

Scroll WAAAY down again and update the destemail to the email address you’d like notices sent to:

destemail =

and then save the /etc/fail2ban/jail.local config file and exit out of the nano text editor with CONTROL-O RETURN CONTROL-X

Restart the Fail2Ban service so that your config changes take effect:

sudo service fail2ban restart RETURN

After Fail2Ban has been successfully installed, it’s time to set up a firewall on your server.