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Install WordPress With WP-CLI

Installing WordPress from the command line with WP-CLI is a breeze. The video walks you through the process outlined below.

SSH into your web server:

ssh -i ~/.ssh/supernifty supernifty@ RETURN

Change into the public_html directory:

cd /var/www/ RETURN

Download the latest version of the WordPress software:

wp core download RETURN

Create the wp-config.php file:

wp config create –dbname=’25MonkeysWP’ –dbuser=’25MonkeysWPDBUser’ –dbpass=’f6xtd05%85da#c7cd3#b6^5′ RETURN

Lock down the wp-config.php file:

sudo chmod 600 /var/www/ RETURN

Note: If chmod 600 turns out to be too restrictive and causes issues, try chmod 644.

Install WordPress:

wp core install –url=’’ –title=’25 Monkeys’ –admin_user=’25monkeysWPAdmin’ –admin_password=’n0$3b7Me5a1!2&P%5b’ –admin_email=’’ RETURN

If you’ve gone through this entire series, you’ve now got a fresh WordPress install on a new, secure DigitalOcean Ubuntu server and you’re ready to start building out your new website.