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Update and Upgrade Ubuntu

Before you get started on adding software to a newly established Ubuntu web server, you may as well make sure you’ve got the latest versions of all the baseline packages that come pre-installed.

You don’t want to perform these updates on a live production server because it can break things from time to time.

The video walks you through the entire process, but it’s pretty straight forward as you can see from the outline below.

The apt update command builds a list of all of the available updates for the software already installed on the box:

sudo apt update RETURN

Note that you’ll be prompted for your user’s sudo password.

The apt upgrade command upgrades all the installed software packages to their latest versions:

sudo apt upgrade RETURN

It will prompt you if it needs your attention. On a new web server, this process can take a couple of minutes to complete.

And you’re done.

Once everything is updated and upgraded, you’re ready to set up Apache Virtual Hosts.